Pellet Grill? Smoker Grill? Wood Pellet Cooker? Man, There’s a Million Names. But There’s Only One Jungle Direct: Grilla Grills.

Everybody’s looking for a Grilla Grills dealer. But you can’t find one. We sell all of our pellet cooker grills direct to customers. No middleman. Just a high-quality smoker grill for a much lower cost.

See the Grill Possibilities

factory direct grilla grills micrographicSo go ahead and compare our Grilla smoker grill and Silverbac pellet grills to the big box offering. You’ll get greater value here. We give it to you straight without any fuss. Plus, buy your grill, and we’ll give you free shipping on the grill anywhere in the contiguous US. Plus free shipping on accessory orders over $79. That means more money and time for grillin’, and a lot less waiting.

Have a question? Contact us at any time. Grilla Grills aims to provide the best grills and best customer service.
Cookin’ slow. Pricing low. That’s our guarantee.

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